26 Apr


Clothes in neutral, muted colors like khaki, green, beige - avoid bright colors and camouflage patterns

Long-sleeved shirts to protect from sun and mosquitoes

T-shirts, shorts, light skirts, safari trousers

Jacket, sweater, or fleece for cool mornings and evenings

Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots


Other Essentials:

Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellent

Binoculars (very important)

Camera equipment

Small daypack

Medications, toiletries

Converter plug set if needed

No plastic bags, as they are banned in Kenya

The key is to pack light, comfortable, and neutral-colored clothing that can be layered. Avoid bright colors and camouflage. Most lodges provide laundry service, so you don't need to overpack