26 Apr

The Shimba Hills National Reserve is a small national reserve in Kenya, located about 33 km from Mombasa and 15 km from the coast. It is known for its coastal rainforest, woodland, and grassland habitats, as well as its rich biodiversity

Some key facts about the Shimba Hills National Reserve:

It is home to the only population of sable antelope in Kenya, with around 100 individuals

. The reserve is considered the "paradise of the sable antelope"

It has a large elephant population, estimated at over 500 individuals, which has led to conflicts with nearby human settlements. The Kenya Wildlife Service has translocated over 150 elephants from the reserve to Tsavo East National Park to address this issue

The reserve is an important site for plant biodiversity, with over 50% of Kenya's 159 rare plant species found here, including endangered cycads and orchids

It is also a significant bird and butterfly habitat, with over 230 bird species and 295 butterfly species recorded

The reserve features the scenic 21-meter high Sheldrick Falls, named after the founder of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust who discovered the waterfall

The reserve can be accessed from Mombasa or Diani Beach, and offers opportunities for game drives, guided walks, and scenic viewpoints