09 May

The Makuli-Nzaui landscape in Makueni County, Kenya is a vital area that supplies water to four major rivers and supports the livelihoods of local communities

However, this landscape has experienced significant degradation and deforestation, with over 7% of the Makuli and Nzaui forests disappearing since 1988

This has reduced biodiversity, water availability, and agricultural productivity in the region

To address this challenge, the Makueni County government has developed an ambitious plan to revive the landscape's productivity and livelihoods

This includes restoring forests, watersheds, farms, and rangelands through a collaborative effort involving national government agencies, local communities, and NGOs

So far, communities have grown 1.5 million seedlings in tree nurseries, which will be planted across the landscape

The Priceless Planet Coalition, led by Mastercard, has made a funding commitment to support the restoration of the Makuli-Nzaui landscape by growing 890,000 trees in collaboration with local partners

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