10 May

A safari with Fisi Africa Safaris in Kenya typically costs between $150-$500 per person per day, depending on the level of accommodation and activities

Budget safaris with basic accommodation like Fisi Camp can start around $150-$250 per person per day

These often involve group tours in safari vans with 10-50 people

Mid-range safaris with more comfortable lodges inside the parks, like Zebra Plains or Sekenani Camp, cost $300-$500 per person per day. These are usually private or small group tours with 4x4 vehicles

Luxury safaris with high-end tented camps or lodges can exceed $600 per person per day

Accommodation is the biggest cost factor, with luxury camps like Governors Camp charging over $300 per person per night

Additional costs include park entry fees ($50-$100 per day), flights to the safari area ($300-$1000), and tips for guides and staff ($10-$20 per person per day)

The best time to visit for lower prices is during the shoulder season from January to March, when rates can be 50% less than peak season.

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