27 Apr

Hyenas are not actually dogs, but are more closely related to cats

There are four species of hyena - spotted, brown, striped, and aardwolf

Spotted hyenas are the largest hyena species, weighing up to 82kg and measuring up to 2 meters long

They have a distinctive spotted coat and powerful jaws that allow them to crush bones

Hyenas are highly intelligent animals, capable of solving complex puzzles and using deception to get food

Studies have shown they may be as smart as some primates

Hyena social structures are dominated by females, who are larger and more aggressive than the males

In spotted hyena clans, the females rank higher than the males

Hyenas are skilled hunters and scavengers, able to take down large prey like wildebeest and zebra

However, they are often unfairly portrayed as just being scavengers

Hyenas have an iconic "laughing" vocalization that can be heard up to 5km away