26 Apr

Chyulu Hills National Park is a protected area in southeastern Kenya that is known for its striking volcanic landscapes and diverse wildlife.

The Chyulu Hills are a 100-kilometer-long mountain range that formed from volcanic activity over 1.4 million years ago. The park is dominated by extinct volcanoes and contains one of the longest lava tubes in the world, the Leviathan Cave.

The park is located between the larger Tsavo West and Amboseli National Parks, and is part of the larger Tsavo conservation area.

 It is home to a variety of wildlife including buffalo, antelope, elephant, leopard, wildebeest, and zebra.

 The park also has a diverse bird population, with species like Shelley's francolin, African crowned eagle, and Abbott's starling.

While Chyulu Hills National Park is one of Kenya's least-visited parks, it offers stunning volcanic landscapes and opportunities for activities like game drives, bush tracking, and wildlife viewing.

 The park's remote location and lack of high-end accommodations make it a more off-the-beaten-path destination compared to the more popular Kenyan safari parks.

Overall, Chyulu Hills National Park is a unique protected area in Kenya that showcases the country's volcanic geology and diverse wildlife, though it remains less crowded than some of the more famous safari destinations 

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