05 May

The booking process for Fisi Africa Safaris involves the following steps:

Initial Contact: 

The process begins with an inquiry from the customer, where they provide details such as travel dates, preferred destinations, budget, and interests

Itinerary Creation: 

Fisi Africa Safaris creates a customized itinerary based on the customer's preferences, including logistics, accommodations, and activities


The customer reviews the itinerary and works with their assigned safari specialist to make changes or additions. The specialist also provides recommendations for new options


Once the customer is satisfied with the itinerary, budget, and accommodations, Fisi Africa Safaris finalizes the details, including preparing a formal cost for the safari. They also secure the accommodations and other essential components to guarantee availability

Deposit and Confirmation: 

The customer pays a 30% deposit to confirm their booking. This deposit is used to pay lodge partners and contractually confirm accommodations and logistics

Pre-Safari Information: 

Eight weeks before the safari, Fisi Africa Safaris sends the customer a travel pack with all necessary details, including meet-and-greet information, climate advice, and emergency contact details. This is also the time to pay the balance of the safari

Safari and Reflection:

The customer enjoys their safari and, upon return, is asked to provide feedback to help Fisi Africa Safaris improve its services

This comprehensive process ensures that Fisi Africa Safaris provides a tailored and memorable experience for its customers